No Long Contracts!

Everyone hates long contracts, and once you sign one, you’re stuck! We don’t have long term contracts with any of our Google placement or web design services!

Mobile Friendly

All of the websites we create are mobile optimized and responsive to guarantee you can reach a greater audience over any smart mobile device.

Google Placement Services

Bring customers to your door with our top level Google placement and marketing services. You won’t be disappointed with the quality results that will ultimately make you more money!

More Customers

74% of consumers use Google to search for information in regards to the local businesses. Google placement is a need of allot of business in order to get out there in the web world.


In a Nutshell

Professional Web Design

When was the last time you witnessed an amazing site for a small business? Hawp Media offers high quality, modern websites for your small business so you can stay ahead of your competitors. All of our websites are mobile optimized and responsive!

Get Google Search Ranking Results!

Your Google placement results will increase the amount of customers calling in and coming through your doors. Hawp Media’s month-to-month Google placement services are affordable and offer great results! Contact us today!

Overall, Most Affordable

Our quality products save you both money and time. Our professional designers take your site to the highest level of business media innovation. All of our web packages are catered to your specific needs.

Web Design

Mobile Optimized & Responsive



Why You Choose Us

  • Great Google Placement Services
  • Top Quality, Bottom Pricing
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Professional Mobile Optimized Web Design
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 48-Hour Turn-Around

Clients & Testimonials

 Clients & What They Say

  • Hawp Media has done an outstanding job on our website design, making it content rich without the clutter and yet very user friendly.  They were easy to work with and accommodated changes on-the-fly.  And with their experience, they were able to quickly move our site up the ranks in Google placement – and impact the bottom line with increased exposure and sales.
    FLEX Fluidics
    Steve Szabo - VP Sales & Marketing
  • We are so "hawped" up about our new website! We could hardly wait to jump into business with Hawp Media's website development and Google placement services! Great job, Hawp Media—thanks for an awesome website and great Google placement results! Now we have a website that can be locally viewed and that we can be proud of! Thanks again!
    Oakleaf Auto Glass Co
    OC Cochren - Owner
  • I enjoy having Hawp Media as my website design company. Hawp Media is committed to their customer's needs and puts them of the utmost importance. Most companies want to tell you how you should do this or that. Hawp Media is different. They like to have their customer’s opinion to make sure they are absolutely satisfied. Another thing Hawp Media offers is that they are always trying to improve on the high quality products they offer their customers. Thanks for all your help Hawp Media!  
    Royalty Home Improvements Inc.
    David Miller - Founder & Owner
Flex Fluidics LLC
Oakleaf Auto Glass Co.
Royalty Home Improvements Inc.
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Web Design

We will provide your website with an excellent, mobile-friendly design you won’t be able to resist! Contact us for more information on the designs we offer or for a FREE consultation on the type of design that fits your company best.

Skills & Expertise

Professional Web Design & Google Placement Services

Hawp Media’s web designs are seamless. All of our web designs include mobile optimization and responsive layouts. This means that your site can look amazing on any device! Whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Android or any other smart device, your site will be visible on any smartphone, tablet or desktop! We ensure you will not be disappointed with the professional web designs we have to offer.
About 74% of consumers use Google to search for information regarding local businesses. For every search performed on Google, whether it’s “Nike shoes” or “the biggest dog,” there are thousands, if not millions, of web pages with helpful information. Our goal is to provide you with the highest ranking Google placement services for your local area, bringing you more business and a fatter wallet.
Customer service is not an additional cost to buying any of our sites. No matter the package, or even if you don’t have a package. We include the best personal customer service. in person, No “computer people”! Only a real live person. You hate bad customer service, and so do we! That’s why Hawp Media strives to offer the best in customer service available for any company, big or small.

Google Placement & SEO

Everyday 74% of people us Google to search for the best companies in their local area. Hawp Media offers the most affordable Google search engine marketing service for your business. Don’t be the company loosing 74% of online business! Contact us!


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