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Hawp Media’s web designs are seamless. All of our web designs include mobile optimization and responsive layouts. This means that your site can look amazing on any device! Whether it’s a desktop, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or Android your site will be visible on any device! contact us today for a free demonstration of exactly how our web design service works!
Over 74 percent of consumers use Google to search for information regarding the local business. For every search performed on Google, whether it’s “Nike shoes” or “contractors in New York” there are thousands, if not millions, of web pages with helpful information. Our goal is to provide you with the highest ranking Google placement services for your local area, bringing you more business and a fatter wallet!
Customers are ever more familiar with animation and visual effects as they make their way from movie theaters to the connected online world. They are increasingly expecting a quality edge to their purchase. Spot commercials featuring visual effects or logo animations do help the customer differentiate themselves from their competitors. If it were not that way we wouldn’t be seeing the popularity of these technologies in all forms for content broadcast over the air or online.
You hate bad customer service, and so do we! That’s why Hawp Media strives to offer the best in customer service. One of our main, most important services is customer service. A great product with horrific customer service makes that product a horrific product. We have a great product because we dignify ourselves on making you love to work with us.

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We have a passion for our clients’ objectives, and we strive to complete their goals with the highest quality. Our dedication for success is what motivates us and our customers alike.

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Window Panes Inc.
Flex Fluidics LLC
Oakleaf Auto Glass Co.
Modest Morsel
Royalty Home Improvements Inc.

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