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Expand your business in the online world with awesome website design, performing search engine optimization, beautiful branding, and great customer service!

What we do

We are able to control the big picture for our clients marketing efforts. We have all the right pieces to build, optimize and continually create and improve targeted content and marketing strategies fit for your business.

Beautiful web design

We work hard designing beautiful, highly engaging experiences focused on creating lasting impressions and building brands.

Organic search

Our organic optimization solutions focus on attractive SEO fundamentals to significantly increase the performance of your website.

Online advertising

We drive relevant, eager traffic to your website through paid search marketing and a finely tuned ppc marketing strategy.

Website management

Creating quality content and optimizing your online presence is time consuming and has a steep learning curve, even for savvy web users.

Web hosting

Hawp Hosting is not your average web hosting company. We believe you should only pay for the resources you need, period.

Check out some of our work

We don’t just build websites and walk away. We partner with companies to develop continually evolving sales entities that dynamically adapts to your client’s shifting needs and constantly works to grow the rate, frequency, and quality of conversions.


Website by Rodney Atkinson of England, Promoting the democratic sovereignty of nation states and free trade in Europe and around the world.

Royalty Home Improvements

Royalty Home Improvements is based on the belief that their customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. Their company is committed to meeting those needs.

Oakleaf Auto Glass

When you are looking to spiff up your ride, Oakleaf Auto Glass is the right choice for your automobile, commercial transportation and heavy equipment.

Alpha Builds CGC

Alpha Builds CGC creates custom gaming computers for any pc gamer! Making your experience irresistible with an awesome gaming system, sure to make you an alpha!

Three60Fitness Athletics

Personal training and conditioning. Supper effective fitness, nutrition and professional one-on-one training and exercise therapy tailored to each customer.

Flex Fluidics

FLEX Fluidics LLC designs and manufactures precision fluidic components for analytical and clinical chemistry OEM instrumentation.

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Clarify Your Creative Concepts

Are your creative concepts crystal clear? Whether interactive, data, infographic, audio, or video, there must be a clear focal point, consumer take away, and appeal to action. Clarity means clearness in perception or understanding. “Our industry learned that we should be finding creative and inventive ways to solve our customers’ problems, inspire, guide, help –…

Rules for Company Blogs

Blogs have withstood the test of time. They remain a critical component of content strategy in every industry from fashion to telecommunications. In today’s online marketing world, content is king. At Hawp Media, we believe in blogs for a number of reasons, below are the leading three: A blog is your vehicle for carrying social…

FCC Open Internet Ruling

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling on an “Open Internet” ensures the expansion of online business. “It’s open because it uses free, publicly available standards that anyone can access and build to, and it treats all traffic that flows across the network in roughly the same way.” The FCC’s rulings perpetuate net neutrality enabling consumers to “make…

Bitcoin, Ripple, & Smart Contracts

Who will win the online payment war? Hawp Media has recently reported on the expansion of PayPal and Apple Pay. At the same time, Bitcoin and Ripple are marching toward the frontline of this digital battlefield. Ripple claim to “allow everybody to participate in the global economy”. They allow users to spend, send, and trade funds by…

Social Media Networks

What is social networking? It is simply the use of dedicated websites, along with applications which are designed to interact online with other users. It’s all too easy to take for granted the globally connected online world of today and forget the amazing developments which have brought us to where we are today. The big…

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