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All You Need to Know About Google Local Service Ads

Small local businesses have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to digital marketing. It is hard to get your plumbing services shown on the first page of Google without investing a pretty dime. This is what Google Adwords is all about. For over years, Google Adwords has offered a great and convenient way […]

Top 5 Tech Trends Affecting Your Small Business

Marketing on a Small Budget So you’re trying to market your business on a budget, your time is mostly taken up with getting things off the ground, so where do you focus your limited resources? Technology can change extremely quickly, so the ways in which you can reach your potential customers is constantly evolving. To […]

Does Your Branding Resonate?

Does your brand connect with customers? “Our logo must powerfully project who our firm is, what we produce, and contain meaning for our customers,” stated a small businessman to Hawp Media. This entrepreneur knew the logo had to be a uniquely designed graphic representation of his business. It was not hastily actioned, nor rolled out […]

4 Small Business Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017

Mobile-Centric Trumps Mobile Friendly As the popularity of mobile devices continues to increase, we must continue searching for the big trends in 2017. Small businesses lack the cash and specialized teams that bigger brands have. In this case, mobile strategy and marketing creativity is vital! New approaches, constant monitoring of consumer actions, and staying updated […]