Content for SEO

Content with SEO is almost just like regular content—but the trick is to purposefully incorporate targeted keyword phrases throughout the content to improve your site’s rankings.


To stand out in today’s market, your content must be written with the intention of ranking amongst both the audience and algorithms.

Creating effective content for SEO is all about achieving that balance. 

Audience—People are naturally drawn toward interesting, informative, and grammatically-accurate content. From school age, it’s what we all become accustomed to. 

Algorithms—Search engine algorithms, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about the appeals of written language that we humans are so used to. Instead, they have their standards of linguistics for how we humans gather and communicate information.

The science of SEO is about search engines looking for a multitude of specific target phrases in written content. The human art is working in that target phrasing organically when writing for SEO-focused content.

Hawp Media can help you stand out for both audiences.