Sales Writing

Sales writing is similar to writing for a persuasive argument—the goal is to subtly grab the attention of your reader while being both engaging and non-specific.


You have a product to sell, and only one chance to sell it. The hard part? At the very least, you have to lead your reader to believe you have a solution to their problem that’s worth divulging in. 

The key to writing sales copy is maintaining subtlety. 

First, it requires having a deep understanding of your audience—deep enough that you understand their motivations, goals, and preferably, their demographic information.

Once you know the audience you’re writing to, you must understand the product or service you’re selling. Identify and write the elements you wish to highlight for your target audience. Then, we’ll craft a basic—but memorable—message that is clear enough to express your point.

Creating influential content is just as crucial as persuasive content. It’s usually not explicitly stated, but it’s nonetheless important to demonstrate your purpose in a subtle yet convincing way.

Regardless, Hawp Media is there to help write compelling content that features both subtle persuasion and influence.