Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency? What You Must Know

Here are a few steps to finding the right digital marketing agency that perfectly fits your business and sets you up for success.

You are hiring an extension of your company team when you engage with a digital marketing company. You’re not just hiring them to do work for you, but to provide professional advice and council. Again, if you look at hiring an agency in the same way you would hire an employee, your chances of success dramatically increase. After you received support to hire an agency specializing in digital marketing, reviewed their work, social accounts, and learned about who they are, you should probably have a list of agency’s you’re interested in. Here are a few tips to help your business confirm relations with the right digital marketing agency:

  • Organize team interviews: This will give you the opportunity to meet those members assigned to you, see a transparent picture of how the marketing agency is organized (by how they conduct the meeting) and see how they interact and cooperate with each other. Keep in mind that you are going to be working right there with this team. A successful relationship is built in part through a good vibe.
  • Know the core need: The problem with sales, is to often, salesmen take a car salesman approach. In other words, they try to sell you what you don’t want and don’t even need! Make sure you know what you want! Be transparent with what you really need and expect from the marketing agency you’re about to hire. When both parties are transparent and collaborative this sets you up for success.
  • Have a realistic budget: Knowing your financial boundaries is crucial and expected both for the client and the agency. The agency should know how much to quote and be a little flexible but not to flexible. You should know how much you want to spend on a website design or redesign before diving on in.
  • Be engaged: Your agency of choice should develop project timelines and frankly, the agency you choose should have a project dashboard. This enables you to stay updated and see timelines all from one central location, submit inquiries and view your budget status. Make sure you stay on top of the tasks the marketing agency assigns you. Missing those task deadlines and making the agency wait on information from you, may push your project off track and, most likely, will negatively impact your budget. Also, make sure simple decisions like color choice are final, get opinions from stakeholders and employees in your business. It’s very difficult to go back in the finalization phase of a project because the company owner didn’t like the shade of grey or the font type. In that case the design would be altered.

Just like a new employee, a marketing agency should bring unique perspective and inspiration. Their job is to exceed your expectations in every aspect of your project, from when you first meet to the final design phase. You play an integral part in their success in your project.