Social Media Marketing Services

Convert Facebook and Instagram users into dedicated customers with paid social marketing campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Management

Convert Facebook and Instagram users into dedicated customers with meticulously tailored paid social marketing campaigns. Our expert team harnesses the advanced targeting capabilities on Facebook and Instagram to extend your reach to fresh audiences and re-engage with past site visitors.

Audience Targeting

We Identify Your Audience with Advanced Targeting

Hawp Media utilizes Facebook’s unique targeting capabilities to identify the individuals most inclined to make purchases from your business. Our social marketing ads are strategically positioned using audience selection tools, targeting specific demographics, geographic locations, interests, and more. Adopting a comprehensive marketing approach, our prospecting campaigns drive highly qualified traffic to your site. Then, our mid-funnel campaigns re-engage warm audiences with supplementary information, and we employ remarketing ads to close the deal with potential buyers.

Custom Ad Creation

We Bring Your Brand to Life!

Through expert collaboration, our team of paid social marketing experts, including analysts, copywriters, and graphic designers, craft custom ads for every stage of your buyer’s journey. We consistently provide performance reports and furnish recommendations based on ad performance. Through our fine-tuned packages, we bring your brand to life with ads designed to drive new traffic and re-engage potential customers, featuring our creative suites and expertly crafted ad copy.

Conversion Tracking

We Track Everything…

We gauge the effectiveness of your paid social ad campaigns by tracking all clicks, views, and conversions they generate. To monitor activity across your ads and website, we facilitate setup with Google Analytics, the Facebook Pixel, and Facebook’s Business Manager. Furthermore, our partnership with a first-rate call analytics platform ensures accurate attribution of phone calls to the ads that prompted them.

Transparent Reporting

Completely Custom Reporting

With Hawp Media, you’re consistently informed about your campaign’s performance. This transparency is achieved through scheduled calls with your Paid Social Account Manager, emailed Performance Reports, and our Client Reporting Dashboard. Our Dashboard, a real-time reporting system, facilitates the creation of customized reports that offer unparalleled clarity on customer ROI. It also provides direct access to all your performance data in one user-friendly location.

Own Your Facebook Account

You Own Your Ads Account, No Matter What

In contrast to some paid social management firms, at Hawp Media, we stand firm on granting you complete ownership of your Facebook ad account. You maintain 100% control, 100% of the time, providing you the ability to log in at your discretion for direct access to statistics and performance evaluation, whenever you deem it necessary.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Are you ready to improve your brand and outperform your competitors

Account Managers

Collaborating with a dedicated Account Manager at Hawp Media provides you with direct access to an experienced Facebook and Instagram marketing specialist. Leveraging our extensive experience in paid social management across diverse industries, we possess the expertise and knowledge to transform your goals into a reality.


Our team skillfully creates ad copy that excels at engaging your audience. As a part of our social media marketing services, we deliver precision-targeted messages that harmonize seamlessly with your brand’s identity, captivating your audience and spurring them to take action.

Paid Social Advertising Specialists

Your dedicated social advertising specialist works in close collaboration with your Account Manager to consistently refine your campaigns. We assess account performance through essential performance indicators and make carefully calculated adjustments to guarantee the success of your paid social advertising campaigns.

Graphic Designers

Our skilled group of graphic designers is dedicated to ensuring your advertisements truly capture attention. Through visually captivating graphics, videos, GIFs, and more, we maintain the innovativeness of your ads, making them visually appealing and engaging for your audience.

Access Your Statistics Anywhere, Anytime

The Hawp Media Client Dashboard is a real-time reporting system designed to streamline data and provide you with access to information that many other agencies typically withhold. Say goodbye to vague reports with undisclosed ROI figures and welcome in a new era of transparency and simplicity.

Paid Social PRicing

Check out our various pricing tiers. Our pricing is tailored to your marketing needs



  • Standard Features
  • 3 Ads at Launch
  • 1 Simple Animation
  • Custom Ad Copy
  • Designed for Feed Placement
  • Quarterly Creative and Ad Review
  • Basic Audience Creation



  • 45 Target Keyphrases
  • 30 Pages Optimized
  • 18 Quarterly Assets
Month 2+
  • 2 Onsite Blogs
  • 1 Long-Form Blog
  • 3 Offsite Content



  • 60 Target Keyphrases
  • 40 Pages Optimized
  • 24 Quarterly Assets
Month 2+
  • 3 Onsite Blogs
  • 1 Long-Form Blog
  • 1 Infographic
  • 4 Offsite Content