Marketers Listen to Rand Fishkin and Abraham Lincoln.

These two online professionals may be separated by a century, but they remind us that many brands give up to soon before reaching their online viral bump.

Rand Rishkin of made the point to marketers in his Whiteboard Friday of October 21. They need “the freedom and support to fail many times before you hit on a success” he said.

Problem and Solution

“A lot of managers, and clients, and teams, and execs, just don’t give marketing teams and content teams enough freedom to say, yeah, you know what? You spent a month in developer resources and designer resources and spent some money to go do some research and contracted with this third party, and it wasn’t a hit.

“It didn’t work, we didn’t get the viral content bump, it just kind of did okay. You know what? We believe in you. You’ve had a lot of chances. You should try this another nine or ten times before we throw it out. We really want to have a success here.

“That is something that very few teams invest in.”

When marketers, executives, directors, managers, or employees are impatient, always employing one off tests that never have time to build momentum, then the results will be underwhelming.

Often budgets are adequate but the funds are not cohesively organized with a commitment to long term success. Don’t succumb to marketer impatience.

Rand’s point was that the marketers who think long term, invest in ideas, and are prepared to fail many times before online viral success, are the ones who are the true winners.

That is a tried and tested life principle which applies to online success.

Abraham Lincoln

Should the most famous of U.S. President’s be alive today in our online world, we believe at Hawp Media, that he would agree with this point to marketers.

Why you ask?

In 1832 he lost his job and was defeated for the state legislature. Over the course of the next decade, he failed in business, watched his sweetheart die, suffered a nervous breakdown, and was defeated as Illinois state house speaker.

During the 1840’s he established a law practice, was defeated for nomination for Congress, then elected to Congress, lost renomination, and rejected for land officer.

Had he not applied himself with stick-to-it-iv-ness he would have thrown in the towel long before. However, the never give in attitude was preparing honest Abe for success.

In 1854 he was defeated for the U.S. Senate. He was defeated for nomination as Vice President in 1856 and 1858. But, by 1860, after 30 years of having, “the freedom and support to fail many times before you hit on a success,” Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the Untied States.


At Hawp Media we believe in the Fishkin-Lincoln principle for online marketers to have “the freedom and support to fail many times before you hit on a success.” Business Media Innovation is our slogan, and with each day we press forward to online success. Your failure of yesterday, just may be the last before your next success!