Web Design Bradenton

Web Design Bradenton

A good website will be intuitive, easy to use, and look great. At Hawp Media, our website design in Bradenton will help your site accomplish all that and more.

Web Design in Bradenton

Since 2013, Hawp Media has specialized in developing bespoke web designs and effective marketing campaigns for our Bradenton clients. Simply said, our goal is to assist our customers in achieving their objectives, regardless of where they operate around the globe. From responsive website development to search engine optimization, we have the breadth of skills and depth of services needed to complete any task.

We’ve done it all when it comes to web design. Here are a few examples of the industries and projects we enjoy working in:

  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • SaaS
  • e-Commerce
  • Nonprofit
  • Construction
  • Legal
Birchstreet Systems

BirchStreet Systems

BirchStreet Systems is a SaaS company that provides procurement software for hospitality properties such as Marriott, Campbells, Montage and many more.

Md Art

MD Art

MD Art stands alone in their industry, they are not just a general contractor, they provide specific, high quality finishing, touch-up, restoration and cabinet services. We built a website that was much different from the competition, just like their work.

American Brothers Construction

American Brothers Construction

American Brothers Construction provides metal roofing and asphalt shingle roofing services including roof installation, replacement and repair for homeowners and business owners in Stockton, Nevada, Bolivar, & Springfield Missouri.

How important is web design?

The design of the website is one of the first things that the visitor notices. Before they have a chance to view your content or test functionality, they’re met with the look and layout of the site. Design is extremely important to make sure that this first impression is a positive one. Like with first impressions with people, you want to make sure to get this right. In fact, experts suggest that having a badly-designed website is worse than having no website at all.

Of course different people have different tastes, but over the years the overall standard has lead to refining what most people agree good design is. Many of the most popular website platforms such as Shopify follow fundamental principles of design for appearance and ease of use. Knowing, understanding, and putting these principles to use takes years of practice, which is why an experienced website design team like we have at Hawp Media is ideal to give you the best results.

Our areas of focus for web design in Bradenton

When we design a website, there several elements that we focus on to make your site the best it can possibly be. Some of these include responsive website design, conversion-focused UX design, and custom functionality. We also do design updates through data analysis once we see how your site is performing if we identify ways to improve site performance.

Responsive website design

Responsive website design used to be a bonus back when mobile phones with online access weren’t as universal as they are today. Nowadays, practically everyone has a personal mobile device, with many people having multiple devices. And likely, these devices all come in different sizes and shapes which means they have a different size screen.

What responsive design does is make sure that a user has a great experience with the website no matter what size screen they have. This is why many websites look different on your computer than on your phone; layouts, image sizes, buttons, and much more all adjust to fit onto the screen you’re using. Having this kind of auto adjustment is known as responsive website design.

A site that is not responsive doesn’t change for different devices. So if a picture takes up a full screen on a computer, that same image won’t fit on the phone, meaning that it will be cut off and you’ll only see a part of it. Fonts will be harder to read and you might be unable to navigate around the site at all depending on how the menu was built.

Responsive design solves all of these problems by adjusting all of the elements of the site to use the available space. Getting this right can be tricky, and an experienced team like ours will make sure that your website looks fantastic and is functional no matter what device people use to view it.

Conversion-focused UX design

UX is shorthand for User Experience which covers everything about how the site functions for the user. The best UX design creates beautiful websites that are easy to navigate, minimize stress and confusion, and make sense immediately. Getting people to your site can be a challenge and is an essential part of our SEO in Bradenton.

But getting people to the website is only part of the challenge. Once they choose your site over the competitors, you want to make sure that they have a good experience. And it’s crucial that your site directs users to do the actions that you want them to do. These user actions are known as conversions, and you want conversion actions to be as simple, straightforward, and painless as possible for your user.

There are many ways that we accomplish this through our conversion-focused design. One is by helping guide the user towards those actions through colors, images, fonts, spacing, and much more. For instance, if the goal is to get more people to listen to your podcast, design elements will drive users towards clicking a button, link, or image that will open podcasts for them to listen to. Conversion-focused UX design is all about your goals for the website and helping you to accomplish them in the best possible ways.

Custom Functionality

If you need something special, unique, or just have a cool idea for something that you want to happen on your website, a lot of times these might be custom features. Suppose for instance you have an eCommerce store and want to show different prices to businesses and regular users. Custom functionality could accomplish this by having businesses login to an account, and once logged in the custom prices will replace what casual visitors see. You can even have different prices for different types of businesses like wholesalers.

With custom functionality, the possibilities are limitless! If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to add to your website, let us know. We might even suggest some of our own depending on your goals, time frames, and budget to help maximize the effectiveness of your website.

Design updates through data analysis

For us, building a website isn’t a one and done process. We use data-driven insights so that your site can continuously improve. We use tools like Google Analytics to see what pages users are visiting, how they get there, and what they’re doing when they arrive.

If lots of people are landing on a site but not performing the desired conversion action, we might try altering the design to see if it has better results. We compare your site performance to industry and local benchmarks, so you can know how your website design compares to other, similar websites as well as other websites in Bradenton.

Web Design in Bradenton That Works For You

If you’re looking for expert website designers in Bradenton, consider getting in touch with our team to see how we can help you. We’ve worked with many companies to build websites for businesses in Bradenton and the surrounding areas. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about website design.

Give us a call or contact us to get a quote for website design or to find out more.