Web Design

Website Design All of the websites we develop are built on the most robust Content Management System (CMS) in the...

Website Design

All of the websites we develop are built on the most robust Content Management System (CMS) in the world – WordPress.

Each and every site is custom developed from a blank canvas. A lot of companies use templates, pre-made themes, etc… we hate that, it’s boring.

Over 30% of all websites operate on WordPress!

Seamless Experience

We design websites with the admin user experience in mind. We ensure your website is easily accessible in order to add, edit and publish your content (pages, images, videos & more).

What’s Included

  1. A seamless editing experience.
  2. Google Analytics & tracking.
  3. Ecommerce capability.
  4. Security & data protection.
  5. Reliability & transparency.

Analytics & Tracking

With every website we create, we install Google Analytics, or import your existing Google Analytics profile so you can track visits, form submissions, conversions and more!

Ecommerce Capability

Whether you are a small eCommerce startup, or provide drop-shipping products internationally, our developers are well rounded in many complex eCommerce solutions.

WordPress is the greatest platform for ecommerce sites because of the flexibility and extendability of the platform.


All websites we create come with an SSL certificate, ensuring that the data being transferred to and from the server to your users is encrypted and secure. This also improves your trustworthiness with Google.

Security is vital to the health of your website.


Communication is a primary downfall for digital marketing agencies. That is why we bring reliability and transparency to the table with our Client Portal. Allowing you to keep track of everything to do with your services at Hawp Media.

You have access – to everything, period.

What’s Included?

  1. Access to every piece of data we manage for you.
  2. Point 3 sums it up…
  3. Refer to point number one.

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