Web Design Sarasota

Website Design Sarasota

Having a well designed, easy to navigate website is one of the best assets you can have for business in modern times.

Our expert web developers provide expert website design in Sarasota and can build you a website that attracts customers and helps them find the information they need to decide to do business with you.

Since 2013 we’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes. Some of our web design services include:

  • Data Analysis
  • Copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Brand Identity
  • Responsive Design
  • Conversion-Focused Design
  • User Experience
Birchstreet Systems

BirchStreet Systems

BirchStreet Systems is a SaaS company that provides procurement software for hospitality properties such as Marriott, Campbells, Montage and many more.

Md Art

MD Art

MD Art stands alone in their industry, they are not just a general contractor, they provide specific, high quality finishing, touch-up, restoration and cabinet services. We built a website that was much different from the competition, just like their work.

American Brothers Construction

American Brothers Construction

American Brothers Construction provides metal roofing and asphalt shingle roofing services including roof installation, replacement and repair for homeowners and business owners in Stockton, Nevada, Bolivar, & Springfield Missouri.

Functional Website design in Sarasota

At Hawp Media, our modern websites look great, but appearance is only part of the design process.

There are dozens of factors that we keep in mind while designing your website. These include everything from the audience and region you are targeting to the industry that you’re in to the actions you want visitors to take after landing on the site. In order to make the best possible design that suits your needs, we need to find out as much information as we can about your company and your goals.

We’ll start with an in-depth look at your business, including your web presence if you have it. From there we’ll ask you about what product and/or services are most important, who your competitors are, and what you want customers do when they land on your site.

Your design can vary significantly depending on what actions you want customers to do. E-commerce sites for instance, will focus on a straightforward and intuitive shopping and checkout experience so customers can find and purchase the items they want with minimal difficulty. Service based businesses like construction companies might want visitors to get in touch or request a quote. And informational websites might want people to join a mailing list or read more informative articles.

Once we know more about you and your goals, we’ll start to work on a design that will help accomplish those goals. There are several things that we always keep in mind for our design including a straightforward, intuitive design, maximizing site speed and performance, keeping up to date with security, and that the design is effective for SEO.

Straightforward, intuitive website design

The highest performing sites have a clean and simple design. Users have shown that these are the best website designs, especially for long-term viability. These websites are easy to follow, have high-quality, relevant photos, and content with readable text that guides visitors through the page. Your design will emphasize your most important aspects upfront. If you’re a specialist serving a particular region, for example, we’ll make sure the design shows this clearly and immediately. We want people that land on your site to know what’s most important to your company to weed ou the ones who are a poor fit and encourage good matches to find out more.

E-commerce website design will showcase the most important aspects of your products. This might include high-quality products, informative descriptions, video demonstrations of the product in action, or a price point lower than the competition. Your site is designed with your ideal customer in mind so that the people who do visit find your site relevant and as a practical option for them to choose from.

No matter what kind of website you have, conversion paths will be a key aspect that our design will focus on. These are the specific actions that you want the customer to do, whether that’s making a purchase, calling your office, or anything else we defined with you earlier. This type of business website design helps minimize the effort required so that users who visit the site know what you want them to do next and can see that it is intuitive and straightforward to complete that action.

Website Speed and Performance

No matter how great your website looks, it won’t be effective if the performance is poor. There are a few different elements we focus on for performance. One of these is website speed. With most people having access to blazing fast internet and devices becoming continually faster, many people don’t have the patience for slow websites. In fact , Google claims that over half of users will abandon a website that takes over 3 seconds to load. If your site is too slow, there’s a good chance a potential customer leaves early and takes a look at a competitor with a faster site instead.

To get your site speed up to the latest standard there a number of optimizations we make. Images and videos are optimized for web so that they don’t take excess memory and slow down the site, external requests are minimized, and scripts and code is minified and compressed. All of these complex processes happen in the background while your site visitors see a simple, and highly-responsive website designed for Sarasota audiences and your other target markets.

Website Security

One aspect of building a website that we take very seriously is website security. If your site is hacked, your credibility can drop substantially. In the worst case scenarios, hackers can shut down your website entirely and even steal customer data for their own use.

We make sure this doesn’t happen by keeping your site up-to-date and protected from the latest threats. This includes SSL certificates that encrypts data so that it can’t be intercepted, and also gives your site a padlock icon in browsers like Google Chrome and Safari. You can have peace of mind that your website is protected and your customers will assured that their information is safe.

Website Design for Sarasota SEO

A fantastic website won’t be of much use if nobody can find it. That’s why an essential part of our website design process is search engine optimization. If you’re targeting the Sarasota region, for example, we’ll make sure that both your website visitors and search engines know that your company is in Sarasota or does business in the area.

Our comprehensive SEO plans tell search engines that your website is associated and connected to your target area. These signals include showing Google that you employ the best website design in Sarasota aimed at your ideal customer. Having an integrated, well-connected site correlates your main products and services to your website in your target region and helps you bring in more customers who are a better fit for what you have to offer.

Get in touch for top-quality website design in Sarasota

Our experienced team has over a decade of experience with website development and design and we’re happy to help you build you an amazing website. With a design and content creation team, we can design, build, and fill your website with content to bring in new visitors. To find out more about our top-quality website design in Sarasota, or to get a quote, contact us today.