Glasscoat – the superior way to resurface swimming pools, hot tubs, and water features.

Meet the Client

Spray-Tec Glasscoat Pool Resurfacing provides the superior way to resurface commercial or residential swimming pools, hot tubs, water features and other aquatic surfaces throughout Washington State. They needed a new brand to leverage an opportunity in the industry they were already in with Ole’s Pool & Spa. They knew that with Hawp Media’s help this could happen very quickly, just as it did for Ole’s Pool & Spa. After developing a marketing partnership with Hawp Media, Spray-Tec began to see improved organic search engine rankings and, most importantly, more sales.


Our Role

Spray-Tec wanted to establish an excellent online presence with a new web design. Once that was accomplished, they set a new goal to increase brand awareness through an organic search prospecting campaign, targeting the state of Washington. Hawp Media vigorously targeted competitive terms in the market to boost rankings and drive leads.


…increase in conversions in a 30 day comparison of pre vs post launch.


…increase in new sessions in a 30 day comparison after launch.


…increase in click events in a 30 day comparison after launch

Go Beyond


Hawp Media’s prospecting campaign quickly took off, with Spray-Tec’s conversions and web traffic growing 50% and 144.44% respectively. Hawp Media was able to expand on the success that Spray-Tec already had been seeing with their Pool & Spa company into their new brand, elevating their online presence in the process.

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