Ambassador Window Cleaning


Ambassador Window Cleaning provides residential and commercial window washing and home maintenance services in the Salem area. Salem property managers, homeowners and business owners have recommended Ambassador for more than 15 years. Hawp Media introduced organic search optimization to their website resulting in immediate results showing after the first month of optimization.


Ambassador Window Cleaning hired Hawp Media to further grow their online presence through various SEO targeting tactics. The company’s overall goals were to drive more relevant, qualified organic traffic to the site and increase brand awareness.


In just 1 month The organic optimization brought in a large amount of leads for Ambassador Window Cleaning, with an increase in organic calls and form submissions by 100% and 85.71% respectively. They also yielded a 30% increase in traffic. These stats were gathered just 60 days after the start of optimization. They now rank for almost all terms pertaining to “window cleaning” in the Salem Oregon region.


Increase in organic phone calls


Increase in form submissions


Increase in new traffic

Data based on performance comparison of period (09/07/19-10/08/19) vs. (10/09/19-11/09/19) this short date range is used to show what Hawp Media can do right after optimization starts.