Ole’s Pool & Spa

The Premier retailer for Bullfrog Spas in the Pacific Northwest.

Meet the Client

Ole’s Pool & Spa has served the Pacific Northwest since 1983. They are the Premier retailer for Bullfrog Spas in the Pacific Northwest. Hawp Media introduced organic search optimization to OPS’s website resulting in a dramatic increase in online conversions.


What was Ole’s Pool & Spa’s Goal?

Ole’s Pool & Spa’s goal was to develop a marketing strategy to maximize organic search efficiency, increase leads and ultimately their bottom line. Hawp Media re-designed their website and successfully implemented an aggressive SEO campaign, targeting new website visitors in Northern Washington and turning them into customers.

Maintenance & Hosting

To keep Ole’s Pool and Spa websites and ad campaigns running smoothly, OPS asked us to host and maintain the website. We solidified the production of content through on-time database backups, traffic/citation/speed reports, and A/B testing. They let us take the wheel when it came to A/B testing and design improvements.


Ole’s Pool and Spa needed a website for 3 reasons, to display their catalog of Bullfrog spas, provide users with information about services provided, and finally to rank on search engines, bringing in leads as a result. They are the dominant company in the region, outranking and performing all competition in the northwest and Kitsap Peninsula.

Ongoing Optimization

After launch, we continued to look at analytics and improve the catalog browsing experience. OPS’s main conversion goal was to receive phone calls (increased 233% quarter over quarter) and contact form submissions (increased 126% quarter over quarter). We continue to provide OPS with a robust SEO strategy which includes frequent checklists, reports and content creation.

Long Term Relationship & Results

The organic optimization brought in a massive amount of leads for Ole’s Pool & Spa, with an increase in organic calls and form submissions by 233.33% and 126.32% respectively. They also yielded a 23.46% increase in traffic. The implemented strategy established a foundation for sustainable, long-term growth, allowing them to build their customer base and expand its market share in the region.

Increased phone call clicks

Increased form submissions

Increase in new traffic

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